Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi Everyone !
I'm Elli and this is my blog TheFashionSmitten !The idea of making a blog came from my big love for fashion.I have been following  many bloggers for a long time and I thought it was high time for me to create my own blog just to share my thoughts with all the fashion lovers !
Fashion to me is art..It combines imagination with creativity and expression of your personality..
Although for a teenager like me,who lives in a small town near Athens in Greece fashion is not on the scene,apart from some exceptions..
However Internet and fashion magazines have helped me a lot with information about the latest trends and all the things that are compared with fashion,generally.
This blog will include many of my outfits,inspirations of mine and moments of my life.
Wait for my next post guys !


  1. Good for you Elli! :* Keep going!!

  2. L0L!! Play Pac-Man reee!! Btw keep up the good work^

  3. i love it!!!!!
    go elli!!!!!!!!!!